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Welcome to Gerakbudaya Bookshop

We are passionate about the books that matter

Opened in 2014 and located in the heart of George Town’s world heritage site, Gerakbudaya Bookshop is
an essential part of the city’s cultural life. The name of the bookshop is well chosen. In the Malay language,
gerak denotes move while budaya means culture. We hope our presence helps stimulate fresh, radical ideas
and new forms of cultural engagement in Penang and beyond.

Gerakbudaya Bookshop is a place for people who love books to meet, talk and, of course, browse. Visit us any time.

Featured Books

The Cat’s Table

"What had there been before uch a hip in my life A dugout canoe on a river journey A launch in Trincomalee harbour There were alway fi hing boat...
Native Son

Thi i Richard Wright' tark and vehement novel about a young black man who i hardened by life in the lum and who e every effort to free him elf...
Verandah of Violence: The Background to the Aceh Problem

In Indone ia' we ternmo t province of Aceh, the democrati ation proce that began in Indone ia in 1998 encouraged the overt expre ion of...
Travelling Nation-Makers: Transnational Flows and Movements in the Making of Modern Southeast Asia

Cro -border movement are often di cu ed a a high-level ab traction, but people cro border a individual Their live are re haped by the...
Finding Malaysia: Making Sense of an Eccentric Nation

Some of the mo t engaging contemporary writing ha een the tran formation of the political column into a literary art form – an important way of...
The End of Empire and the Making of Malaya

Modern Malaya wa born in a period of war, in urrection, and monumental ocial upheaval Tim Harper' acclaimed 1999 tudy examine the achievement of...
Letters to Home: Young Malaysians Write Back

24 univer itie 7 countrie 1 hope The e are the voice of young Malay ian all over the world--penning down our dream , fear , concern ,...
Black Milk: On Motherhood and Writing

Black Milk i the affecting and beautifully written memoir on motherhood and writing by Turkey' be t elling female writer Elif Shafak, author of...

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Tan Twan Eng Author of The Gift of Rain and The Garden of Evening Mists

The opening of a new bookstore is always a cause for celebration, especially when all we keep reading about is how bookstores worldwide are closing down. Every new bookstore that opens is another flaming torch holding back the darkening world.

James Manager

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