George Bilainkin

George Bilainkin was a foreign correspondent and author. He served as editor of the Penang newspaper The Straits Echo 1929–1930) during the British colonial administration in Malaya. He was also the assistant literary editor of the Daily Mail in the UK, on the staff of the News Chronicle and the diplomatic correspondent of Allied Newspapers.

After the war, Bilainkin was in demand as a lecturer and turned his attention to writing books based on his travels and career. Amongst his ten published works were biographies of Tito and Maisky, the former Russian Ambassador in London, and such works as ‘Four Guily Britons’ and ‘Joseph Kennedy’s Fateful Embassy’.

George Bilainkin died in 1981 at the age of 78.


  • Hail Penang

    Published by Areca Books
    ISBN: 9789675719028