Bestsellers: January 2016

January 2016 Bestsellers 2A new year but a return of an old favourite, with last month’s top ten bestsellers. Unsurprisingly, two of the top authors made engaging appearances at our Nusantara Forum series: Marina Mahathir, with both her new book, Dancing on Thin Ice (EDM) and her previous collection of essays, Telling It Straight (EDM), and Marco Ferrarese, with his tour de force, Banana Punk Rawk Trails (SIRD). There was a familiar feel to many of the other titles: Ooi Kee Beng and Wan Hamidi’s Young and Malay (SIRD), Ariffin Omar’s Bangsa Melayu (SIRD), Lukas Straumann’s Money Logging (Bergli Books) and Parthiban Muniandy’s Politics of the Temporary (SIRD), which speaks to the enduring appeal of well-written and politically engaged texts. But it was equally good to see healthy sales for Chairil Anwar’s classic Aku Ini Binatang Jalang (Gramedia) and Malachi Edwin Vethamani’s In-sights: Malaysian Poems (Maya Press).


Here’s the full list.
1 Marina Mahathir, Dancing on Thin Ice (Editions Didier Millet (EDM)
2 Marco Ferrarese, Banana Punk Rawk Trails (SIRD)
3 Azmi Sharom, Brave New World (SIRD)
4 Ooi Kee Beng and Wan Hamidi, Young and Malay (SIRD)
5 Ariffin Omar, Bangsa Melayu: Malay Concepts of Democracy and Community, 1945-1950 (SIRD)
6 Luka Straumann, Money Logging: On the Trail of the Asian Timber Mafia (Bergli Books)
7 Marina Mahathir, Telling It Straight (EDM)
8 Parthiban Muniandy, The Politics of the Temporary (SIRD)
9 Chairl Anwar, Aku Ini Binatang Jalang (Gramedia Pustaka Utama)
10 Malachi Edwin Vethamani, In-sights: Malaysian Poems (Maya Press)

Charis Loke
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