December Bestseller

With the George Town Literary Festival at the end of November having a very positive knock-on effect, it is not at all surprising that all four of Fixi’s titles launched at the festival are near the top of December’s bestsellers’ list. The clear winner is Rozlan Mohd Noor’s The GODs, while Regina Ibrahim’s Perjalanan, Julya Oui’s Here Be Nightmares, and Tunku Halim’s Last Breath all made the top five. It was good to see Lukas Straumann’s Money Logging: On the Trail of the Asian Timber Mafia (Bergli Books) doing so well, with healthy sales for Chin Yoon Khen’s delightful Traditional Trades of Penang (Arecabooks) and Leila S. Chudori’s excellent Pulang (Gramedia). Here’s the full list.

1. Rozlan Mohd Nor, The GODs (Fixi)
2. Regina Ibrahim, Perjalanan (Fixi)
3. Lukas Straumann, Money Logging (Bergli Books)
4. Julya Oui, Here Be Nightmares (Fixi)
5. Tunku Halim, Last Breath (Fixi)
6. Chin Yoon Khen, Traditional Trades of Penang (Areca)
7. Sudeep Sen, Fractals (Gallerie)
8. Alfred Russel Wallace, The Annotated Malay Archipelago (NUS Press)
9. Leila S. Chudori, Pulang (Gramedia)
10. Pung Kim Ying, Famous Street Food of Penang (Star Publications)

Charis Loke
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