Kua Kia Soong on Reformasi 2.0

Once again, to cement a new permutation of political forces in Malaysia after the latest purges in UMNO, we are hearing calls for Reformasi 2.0 by ‘patriotic and progressive Malaysians’ – the most recent attempt to force Najib Razak out office. Calls to reform Malaysia are nothing new. In 1993, Kua Kia Soong published his thoughts on the subject in Reforming Malaysia, long before the Reformasi movement that emerged in 1998. Reforms have been called for by civil society organisations ever since. Kua Kia Soong’s proposals for race-free policies and politics have been laid out in his recent volume Racism and Racial Discrimination in Malaysia (2015). His latest book, on Moderates and Extremists in Malaysia: Provocative Essays, has just been released. In it he laments that Malaysian society is fast becoming an Orwellian dystopia in which labels such as ‘moderates’, ‘extremists’, ‘patriotic’, ‘progressive’, ‘national security’, ‘national harmony’ and other fluffy terms have become relative (Doublespeak) and imprecise. Come and share in this discussion about how we can really reform Malaysia.

Come and listen to Kua Kia Soong speaking on the chances of success of Reformasi 2.0

Nusanatara Forum, Saturday 20 March 2016

Charis Loke
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